MGB Claims Consultants welcomes Paul McKenna

Paul has been an adjuster since 1992. He has extensive experience handling a wide range of complex liability-based claims in both his 20 years as an independent adjuster and prior to that in management roles for a global insurer. His experience has been gained in Canada, the US, Ireland and the UK. 

Paul previously held the position of Vice President of a multinational adjusting company before recently joining MGB. Paul is an Executive General Adjuster specializing in commercial and industrial liability claims. Paul has broad experience in handling claims under the following categories:

  • Commercial General Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Environmental Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Wrap-up Liability
  • Host Liquor Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Municipal and Provincial Liability
  • Aviation Liability
  • Fidelity

Samples of such claims include:

  • Product liability – severe burns to operator of ride-on lawnmower when fumes ignited
  • CGL – repairs to commercial fuel tank were followed by explosion and serious injuries
  • Environmental – Leak of entire contents of fertilizer from silo onto sensitive environmental sites
  • Environmental – Leak of fuel from underground supply lines
  • CGL – explosion at plastics plant damages and potential environmental concerns
  • Multi-million dollar theft of funds by security company
  • Wrap-up Liability – Tailings from project excavation migrated to neighbouring sensitive sites
  • CGL – Burning embers from lumber plant fire caused further fires downwind
  • Wrap-up – explosion from natural gas plant cause damage to neighbouring seabed and business interruption claims from local businesses
  • Professional liability – Errors in design of incinerator of radioactive waste
  • Crane collapse leading to multiple fatalities
  • Municipal liability – Heavy rainfall event lead to numerous residential sewer back ups and claim against municipal authority
  • Paul is an Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute (London, UK) and a Chartered Insurance Practitioner.